sp1ti / Myanimelist.net links on trakt.tv


Version: updated

Summary: Adds MAL backlinks on trakt.tv based on a mapping table (TxM).

Support: mailto:trakt.x.mal@gmail.com

License: MIT

Version - Fall season 2018

I'll most likely retire this in favor of a browser extension. Try it from here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/anitrakt/ipmbpjbcmdmdhjiijcdjbjkpikpidflm.

This userscript will add a link to Myanimelist.net on a known movie/show.


Disclaimer: I can only provide limited support as I'm not well versed in JS. It will initially set the data which might take a second, afterwards it shouldn't be noticeable. I'm not sure what the best way is to keep the index updated, for now I'll push a season indicator to force an update.
Known entries (index) can be found at http://txm.huere.net.

Needs either Tampermonkey (GC)/(FF) or Greasemonkey (FF).

Rating: 2

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