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Version: 3.22.33+ad6ce0d updated

Summary: Enhance the feedly website with advanced filtering, sorting and more




Copyright: 2016-2020, Soufiane Sakhi

License: MIT;

Feedly filtering and sorting

When this extension/script is enabled, a filter icon will appear next to the settings icon that toggles the filtering and sorting menu.

Toggle button


Keyword settings

UI settings

Advanced settings

Import settings


  • Multi level sorting: by popularity, by title, by source or by publish date.
  • Filtering: Hide the articles that contain at least one of the filtering keywords or by reading time.
  • Restricting: Show only articles that contain at least one of the restricting keywords.
  • Duplicates checking: Hide, highlight with a color and/or mark as read
  • Advanced keyword matching: Specify areas to search, searching method (simple, pattern (RegExp), ...)
  • Auto load all unread articles at once or by batches (mark as read by batch when there are a lot of unread articles).
  • Advanced controls (keep recently published articles unread, ...).
  • Pin hot articles to top.
  • Import/export all settings from/to file.
  • Advanced settings management (Import from / link to an other subscription, sync the settings across all the browser instances).
  • Tweak the page (Add buttons to open articles in a new tab, mark as read/unread, ...).
  • Add coloring rules to highlight titles.
  • Auto refresh articles periodically.

Two settings configurations are available:

  • Global settings: same configuration used for all subscriptions and categories.
  • Subscription settings:
    • Subscription and category specific configurations
    • The default settings values are the global settings.
    • A group of subscriptions can share the same configuration by linking them to the same subscription.


Feedly settings

Feedly settings

  • The Unread Only option is required to be checked
  • Sorting should be set to either Latest or Oldest



Please report bugs and feature requests by emailing me at


Two options are available:

Install as an extension

Install as a user script

This script relies on the user scripts extensions like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey.

After installing the appropriate user scripts extension, you can install the script from the following sites:

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