softcabbages / XIVDB - Order Bot Generator


Version: 0.1+3e7e036 updated

Summary: Generates Order Bot Profiles.

License: MIT;

What's it do?

This user-script generates crafting profiles for use with Reborn Buddy's Order Bot utilizing data from

How it should look

Stat Requirements

Craftsmanship: 1322 WITHOUT FOOD. Unsure if you can wing it here with less and use a food to meet the minimum.
Control: 1270 this is what I got as a Control stat. 98% HQ Rate from NQ mats.

Food Used: Baked Onion Soup You can change this if you want, I'm a cheap ass
The rotation it uses for crafting is exclusively for Specialists and is geared towards level 70 ☆☆. But I don't see why it couldn't do level 60 crafts if you wanted it to do so.

Misc. Requirements

RebornBuddy. Duh.



Save the profile that this script generates into your EntraxBuddy folder.
IE: D:\RB64\Profiles\EntraxBuddy\Profiles\Craft\Culinarian

For this version, the rotations for Specialist and Non-Specialist are identical. So please do use with caution.

To Be Added

Assuming my interest holds with this I'll eventually give it a UI allowing people to configure its settings more easily from there.

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