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Version: 23.03-1+fe042f5 updated

Summary: Redirect to URL without www subdomain.




Copyright: 2023, Schimon Jehudah (http://schimon.i2p)

License: MIT;

🚫 www. is deprecated

Correct URL to no-www URL.

This userscript queries given website for no-www URL and redirects to URL without www subdomain.

Use of the www subdomain is redundant and time consuming to communicate. The internet, media, and society are all better off without it. Please visit for more information.

Icon based upon Ban Vector SVG Icon by Iconscout.

Recommended Userscripts

🛡️ Enforce HTTPS

Redirect to HTTPS page.

Upcoming changes

  • Set GM Value in case of misconfigured websites that have no-www hostname but redirects to www.

Help enhancing userscript support for Falkon web browser

C++ developers, help Falkon web browser‬ to bring better support for GM.xmlHttpRequest, so we would also enjoy this program.

Thank you,
Schimon Jehudah, Adv.

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