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Version: 23.06.10+e4ed3f7 updated

Summary: Redirect to privacy respecting proxy frontends




Copyright: 2023, Schimon Jehudah (http://schimon.i2p)

License: AGPL-3.0-only;

🕶️ Proxy Redirect

Redirection userscript for privacy-oriented and open-source proxy frontends.

Proxy Redirect automatically redirects to instances of privacy-oriented frontends, such as Scribe, Nitter, Libreddit, etc.

This allows more reliable access to available public instances per service, while also helping to distribute traffic more evenly across all instances and avoid performance bottlenecks and rate-limiting.

Recommended Userscripts

⛓️ Proxify Links

Correct links to privacy respecting proxy frontends.

Please visit our counterparts



Collection of user created GreaseMonkey scripts that will convert privacy disrespecting websites to FOSS/Libre alternatives.

Search Engine Jumper (Search Engine Kangaroo)

When using some search engines the script creates links to a long list of alternative search engines. Don't be a search engine prisoner

Web Extension


Simple web extension that redirects requests to privacy friendly counterparts.


Based on Privacy-Redirect

Web extension that redirects requests to privacy friendly frontends and backends.


Deprecated in favor of Privacy-Redirect

Invidition is an extension allowing you to redirect requests to their counterparts before loading them.

Mobile App


A small application that allows to handle requests and redirect them to their Nitter or Invidious URLs and open them with the appropriate app.



Redirecting service for FOSS frontends.

Help enhancing userscript support for Falkon web browser

C++ developers, please help Falkon web browser‬ to bring better support for GM.xmlHttpRequest.

If you find this program useful, please help Falkon so we would also be able to enjoy this program. Web browsers that respect our privacy are rare. That's why Falkon is important.

Disclosure: This program was made particularly for people who use Falkon, Jumanji, Opera, Otter, Pale Moon, Surf, Uzbl and other web browsers with Userscript support, to which non has a redirector extension like Privacy-Redirect.

Schimon Jehudah, Adv.

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