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Version: 23.06.11+f4590d4 updated

Summary: Toggle dark mode using an icon placed at the bottom left of your screen. Hotkey: Command + Shift + B




Copyright: 2023, Schimon Jehudah (http://schimon.i2p)

License: MIT;

đź”… Dimmer

Toggle dark mode.

Dimmer analyzes a given web page and aims to reduce eyestrain while reading.
Dimmer uses the Dark Reader library to perform this task.
Dimmer dims pages on demand (no automation).

Upcoming changes:

  • Configurable default mode.
  • Configurable values.
  • Multiple modes.

Falkon Designed for Falkon web browser‬

postmarketOS Designed for postmarketOS‬ Linux

QtWebEngine Based on Dark Reader library

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