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Version: 24.03.20+cd09b6d updated

Summary: Find and display links inside a bar; Type of links: chat, contact, email, geo, magnet, media documents, metalinks, podcasts, syndication feeds, torrents and userscripts and wallets.




Copyright: 2023 - 2024, Schimon Jehudah (http://schimon.i2p)

License: MIT;

🥋 Black Belt

Your loyal guide to arenas outside the HTTP & HTML realm.

This userscript displays a bar, at top of the page, with various of links from contact details to media documents, including Metalinks, Podcasts, Syndication Feeds (Atom, JSON & RSS), Torrents and Userscripts. Also supports Chat, Email, Geoposition, IPFS, Magnet links of eXact Topic (xt), VoIP, Wallet schemes and more.

Animated Preview

About monocles

Torrents and Feeds discovery The Anarchist Library

The Anarchist Library Bookshelf (click image for a 10 seconds video)

The purpose of this userscript is to urge people to use truely free and decentralized networks and technologies.

Despite the objective above and for the sake of functionality, this script displays links to proprietary and centraliezd networks.

Upcoming changes

  • Display links to compatible software for IPFS, GPS, Monero, RSS, SIP, Tribler, XMPP etc.
  • Notify user of alternative networks and technologies like diaspora*, Linux, Mastodon, ownCloud, RetroShare etc.

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