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Version: 0.1.01+a7ec7ae updated

Summary: Export Answers from your Quora Account

Copyright: Simon Gardner (

License: MIT

This script exports your Quora Content as HTML.

To use the script follow these instructions once the script is installed.

  1. Browse to

  2. Click "Answers" in the "By Content Type" menu.

  3. If this script is installed and working properly you'll notice a new option "Export Answers".

  4. When you click "Export Answers", the script will download all the answers that are currently visible on the page.

  5. You can export just the latest answers or use the sidebar to filter by date or topic. The script isn't that intelligent (yet) so you need to manually scroll down using auto-reload to display all the content you want to export onto the screen.

  6. Please check that all your answers have been exported properly. This script relies on Quora not changing the structure of their html, which they might do at any time. Please post an issue if you spot a problem.

It takes about one second per answer (to avoid brutalising Quora's servers) so if you have lots of answers you'll need to give it a little while.

Once the export is complete a text area appears with your context exported as HTML. You need cut and paste into a file on your local computer.

Enjoy :)

If this script is against the terms and conditions may Quora have mercy on my soul ...

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