shuffyiosys / RPH Tools LFRP


Version: 0.0.1+cd6aa36 updated

Summary: Replaces the old "Krieglist" RP finder with another one that isn't as buggy.

Copyright: (c)2014 shuffyiosys@github

License: MIT;

RPH Tools LFRP Dialog

What is RPH Tools LFRP Dialog?

For some reason in RPH, the originally implemented RP ad bulletin, the "Kriegslist", can be buggy in that at some point in your stay on RPH, the list empties out and never fills up or doesn't completely fill up with everyone's RP ad. This script creates a new dialog box that has an implementation of the LFRP bulletin board that includes refreshing so that gets every ad that everyone currently connected has posted.

This is no means a final product and at the moment is considered beta. It depends on how synced up your client is to the server, but this mostly screws with if someone is offline even though your client claims they're online.

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