sepich / Wikipedia goes 3 columns


Version: 2014.09.05+2311fd0 updated

Summary: Display wikipedia article text in 3 columns for widescreen displays

License: MIT;

  • Display wikipedia article text in 3 columns
  • Hide menu and ads
  • Move contents table and infoboxes to left pane instead of menu


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v2014.09.05 Moved to
v2014.03.02 Fix for large images/code samples
v2013.10.26 Fix for small resolutions/Large fonts
v2013.10.25 Pictures are fit to columns. Language panel shown, but collapsed by default
v2013.03.29 Fixed 2 * 3-column bug with references at end of articles
v2013.01.22 Don't put wikipedia tables to columns, but display them full-width
v2013.01.21 First release

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