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Version: 0.1+c440d34

Summary: Encrypted Chat using on XMPP and OTR running on all websites

License: MIT

This an experiment exploring if encrypted real time messaging (converse.js, XMPP and OTR)
and transmission HTML objects between users of the chat is possible.

The first results look quite promising.


  • share connection to server between all instances
  • share open close state between chat instances on all pages

Feature Ideas

  • automatically join chat room for the current domain, talk to everybody that is currently on this site
  • sending Facebook posts through the chat (do the XMPP proviers cache old messages? is this caching even possible with OTR? otherwise only messages from online friend could be recieved)
  • send mouse position through chat, see you friends surf live on a site (does XMPP support sending object that do not show up in the chat messages, how to ge them out of conversejs

Please fork and explore! What do you think would be interesting to do.

The writable web!

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