saypi_ai / Say, Pi


Version: 1.5.0+d1a2073 updated

Summary: Seamless speech-to-text enhancement for Pi, the conversational AI. Enjoy hands-free, high-accuracy conversations in any language.


License: MIT

Say, Pi

"Say, Pi" enriches your engagement with the Pi AI chatbot from Inflection AI, ushering in a realm of hands-free interaction since version v1.4. Now, you can dive into immersive spoken dialogues with Pi on the web platform, all the while enjoying high-accuracy voice dictation and multilingual support.


  • High-accuracy voice dictation: Say, Pi is proficient in many languages, making your communication with Pi not just easy, but also accurate.
  • Fully hands-free operation: Embrace the freedom of hands-free interactions, making your dialogues with Pi more engaging and fun.
  • Class-leading end-of-speech detection: No more awkward pauses; Say, Pi knows when you've finished speaking.
  • Immersive spoken dialogues with Pi: Enjoy natural, flowing conversations with Pi, courtesy of seamless voice dictation.
  • Seamless integration with the user interface: A harmonious user interface ensuring a smooth transition between text and voice dialogues.
  • Swift and accurate speech recognition: Powered by OpenAI's Whisper API, Say, Pi is quick to catch every word you say.


  1. Kickstart by installing a userscript manager extension for your browser. Popular choices include Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey.
  2. Install and activate the "Say, Pi" userscript from OpenUserJS - Say, Pi or directly at
  3. Navigate to the Pi web application using your browser at
  4. Review and give a thumbs up to the microphone permission requested by the script.
  5. Voila! The "Say, Pi" feature is now at your disposal. Revel in hands-free dialogues with Pi.


Initiating a spoken dialogue with Pi is a breeze. Just activate the call button and articulate your thoughts freely!

This user-friendly approach not only makes your interaction with Pi delightful but also introduces a futuristic way of engaging with AI. Welcome to a hands-free and hassle-free conversational experience with Say, Pi!

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