qedro / YouTube Tweaks


Version: 2023.09.05+443b90b

Summary: Block Shorts, hide watched videos, change the number of videos per row & more!


License: MIT


  • 20+ dark themes to choose from, including Gruvbox, Catppuccin, Nord & Rosé Pine
  • Change the number of videos per row on the homepage and channel pages
  • Video grid: Hide profile pictures/Decrease font size
  • Show full video titles
  • Shorts blocker
  • Hide irrelevant search results (For you, People also watched, Previously watched etc.)
  • Show back to top button
  • More animations
  • Compact left sidebar
  • Compact header bar
  • Hide homepage's recommendation bar
  • Hide Latest YouTube posts
  • Auto-expand comments
  • Auto-expand video description
  • Watch page: Hide game section
  • Bring the red subscribe button back
  • Fullscreen theater mode
  • Ambient mode in theater and fullscreen mode
  • Hide end cards
  • Watch page: Hide buttons Share, Download, Clip, Thanks, Save and their labels
  • Hide watched videos
  • Hide mixes

Note for Firefox users: Some features depend on the new CSS selector :has(), which is not supported by Firefox yet, but it can be enabled as an experimental feature. To enable it, enter about:config in the address bar, search for layout.css.has-selector.enabled and toggle it to true.

Rating: 2

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