ptrharmonic / Kobo Detrashify


Version: 2023.3.4+ad25a0e updated

Summary: Removes the really trashy novels from Kobo


Copyright: 2019-23, ptrharmonic (

License: MIT

Kobo Detrashify

There are a ton of garbage romance novels everywhere on Kobo. A festering pile of desperate wish-fulfillment easily identifiable by the handsome male model on the front. This script obliterates these novels by removing books written by a known list of bad authors. Now you can get back to looking for better garbage.

tl;dr removes books with NSFW covers


Well none yet other than the book removing but I'd like to add a way users can add authors. Make sure you have auto-update on for this script as I periodically update the list of authors and sometimes add features.


  • 2022.04.12

Found my login again, updated the script to work with changes made to the site and added some new authors.

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