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Version: 0.1+1c8b361 updated

Summary: Automatically create different tags and links (#hashtag, +contacttag, ~contexttag, URL, Email)

License: MIT


Now that has a calendaring function, I have moved back to that, as has a lot more features built in such as tags. This is why I will probably not be expanding on this script, it works fine and will continue to do so, unless GetPlan change how the page is presented. Please feel free to fork/copy/change/reuse any of this script.

I will be keeping an eye on GetPlan development and see where it goes. Good luck to the team over there. currently doesn't support any tagging, so I created this to have some basic functionality.

Tag Types

Tag Types

  • #hashtag
  • +contacttag
  • ~contexttag
  • URL
  • Email

Custom CSS

Each tag get an associated CSS class, so you can easily style them how you want. I have added my own CSS for general tags, and some specific to my task list. I recommend using Stylus to create your own CSS separate from this script to avoid overwrites when this is updated.

  • #hashtag = CSS: a.hashtag
  • +contacttag = CSS: a.contacttag
  • ~contexttag = CSS: a.contexttag
  • URL = CSS: a
  • Email = CSS: a.mailtag

Note that these are just CSS Rules as an example. As this script is updated, your rules may get overwritten. I would recommend pairing this with a Stylus CSS of your own to avoid clashing. Any #tags get a CSS class you can use based on the word used. Additionally you can overwrite the default generic tag syles listed here. I avoid using !important here so that you can more easily do this.

  • #finance = CSS:
  • #health = CSS:
  • #client = CSS: a.hashtag.client
  • #teamMeeting = CSS: a.hashtag.teamMeeting


When entering a new task, the tag is automatically generated from your text. Each are held within an < a / > tag, so that if GetPlan introduces searching, the tags can be linked to feed into that without changing markup and breaking anything. At the moment, there is no href, so it is not clickable (except URL and Email, as these link outside of GetPlan).

However, when editing a task, the task title will not update on your screen (but it does in the back end). I don't understand how they are handling this, as there is two fields etc, so a refresh is needed to update the view of edited task titles. Task titles don't change often, so I don't intend to focus on fixing this problem.

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