parlor.trickss / Xplor Album Download


Version: 2.2.3+f13f32a updated

Summary: Download all the photos of your child from the selected observation


Copyright: 2020, parlortricks

License: MIT


The script is written for the Child Care Centre website MyXplor This script allows you to download the images as a zipfile from your childs observations, and will also include the observation text in a file inside the zip.

Reason for creation

I noticed the mobile application and the website did not allow you to download the images for keeping. You could only view them on the service. So i went about working out how to grab the images, found the URIs and proceeded to create a userscript that would allow you to download all the images as an album inside a zip file.

It is purely create for personal use, but i wanted to share it with any parents out there whose Child Care Centre may also use this service.

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