panda-byte / Disable Enter on Wrong Answer


Version: 1.1+d19d6c0 updated

Summary: Blocks proceeding with the enter key when getting an answer wrong.

License: MIT

When doing a Reviews Session on KaniWani, hitting 'Enter' confirms the input, and a second keystroke will let the user continue with the next vocabulary item. However, it might be desirable to only allow proceeding by hitting 'Enter' when the item was answered correctly: if the user gets an item wrong because of a simple typo or a synonym mix-up, the user might hit 'Enter' a second time by accident and loses the chance to correct the answer.

This script prevents exactly that: it disables proceeding to the next item with 'Enter' for 1 second if the current input was wrong, and the user is forced to either click the 'Submit answer' arrow with the mouse to continue or wait for the 1-second cooldown to end.

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