nobodyrandom / MouseHunt AutoBot ENHANCED + REVAMP


Version: 2.3.8b+c2d84e0 updated

Summary: Currently the most advanced script for automizing MouseHunt and MH BETA UI. Supports ALL new areas and FIREFOX. Revamped of original by Ooi + Enhanced Version by CnN


License: MIT;

License: GPL-3.0+;

MouseHunt Autobot REVAMP and ENHANCED + REVAMP

######Build for BETA UI is NOW MOVED TO A/B build

Original version made and owned by Ooi Keng Siang (He no longer develops this code)

######Chrome version is now updated to 2.1.21c script - download it here

REVAMP (A build) version adapts the original, with few bug fixes and etc (ver a)

ENHANCED + REVAMP (B build) version adapted from version made and owned by CNN (ver b) (Just a note, he was banned for making and using the ENHANCED version, so up to you if you dare use it)

To install this version, please use GreasyFork A build, B build or OpenUser A build, B build

#####PRECAUTION: Use this script at your own risk as this is against the rule of MouseHunt.

Report all bugs to GitHub or email me @

A sidenote ~ Since I am creating this version pretty actively, updates will come in from a 5 mins interval up to a weekly interval. Please make sure you update your install frequently
Want to contribute to the code or have ideas? Email me ^.^

Changelog - GitHub


  • Support for NEW beta UI
    • Living Garden Spreadsheet -> [Google Drive]( with run forecasting
      • Area clocks via "Toggle Timers"
        • Auto Kings Reward popup (check the settings)
          • Auto return raffle tickets
  • Auto return presents to friends
  • Removed Ooi's ads
  • Removed not working sound player and replaced with a working HTML5 one
  • Browser notifications and triggers are now fixed ^.^
    • KR auto resume etc are now fixed
  • No cheese notifications/sound
  • Cleaned code
  • BETA UI Support
  • Firefox Support
  • (ver b ONLY) Integrated CnN's bots for automization on areas + automization on G Express, Z Tower

Explanations of the files included

All main code is located in the tamperMonkey folder

The build in the chromeExtension folder is specifically used to package the core version (REVAMP only) as a chrome installable package, as chrome no longer allows direct installation of user scripts

Builds within tamperMonkey folder:

  • MouseHunt AutoBot.user.js => Main core with no enhancements what so ever
  • MouseHunt AutoBot blended.user.js => Build with CNN's enhancements to automize trap arming/ cheese change etc.
  • parse-1.4.2.min.js => API file for server support side of the bot
  • MouseHunt AutoBot Additional thing.user.js => Addon file to the core (No longer needed as of v2.0 and up)
  • MouseHunt AutoBot beta.user.js => Main core with no enhancements for the MH BETA UI (Merged onto A/B build v2.1 and up)
  • MouseHunt AutoBot Additional thing beta.user.js => Addon file to the beta core (Also no longer need as of v2.0 and up)

Google Document usage

In order to maintain privacy and prevent accounts from being banned. Users are not allowed to edit the google document directly. Any requests for write permission will be ignored.
If changes are needed/requested feel free to send me a message via gitHub or feedback form

Sheets available:

  • Calc - Data input and output: Enter data and view results here
  • Map Helper - If map data is submitted, it will appear here with info on where to catch etc (database is not complete yet)
  • Data - Catch rate data (It is updated as much as possible already. Based on horntracker data)
  • Functions - Basic calculations page
  • Extended Features - Extensive calculations page for purchasing items and crafting essences
  • Database - Map Helper database
  • submit - User data that is submitted
  • pluginFeedback - dev to user communications. Will post replies to requests/feedback here

#####Sorrry I am new to GitHub, GM and actually anything at all so if there's something wrong pls email me or submit a bug report asap so I can fix it

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