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Version: 1+e6e2161

Summary: address prefill code for Greasemonkey




Copyright: 2018, neuromancer

License: MIT;

License: GPL-3.0+;

Automagically prefill your coin address on Bytecoin faucet

Some cryptocurrency faucets forget your coin address every time you make a claim, requiring you to enter it over and over. This is annoying, and unnecessary. Use this Greasemonkey script to prefill your coin address on


  1. Click Install, review the summary then click Install
    Install button

  2. Click Greasemonkey in your toolbar, then click the script
    Greasemonkey menu

  3. Click Edit to open the script in a new tab for editing
    Edit script

  4. Replace the value neuromancer with your coin receiving address
    Replace value

  5. Press Ctrl+S to save (unsaved changes are indicated by *)
    Unsaved changes

  6. To see your BCN address prefilled visit

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