naz7 / Grepolis Incognito Messages


Version: 0.1.2+fe3bbf6 updated

Summary: Read messages without them appearing as read


License: MIT

Grepolis userscript. Makes you able to read messages without opening them by forwarding the desired message to another player (a random guest, or the player(s) you choose). You usually need to open a message to forward it, but this script bypasses that mechanism so you don't have to open it.



  • Fixed non-incognito forwards being filled with guest recipient and a default content.
  • Added and modified translations/strings.


  • Fixed multiple Incognito buttons showing up.
  • Now Spanish and English translations are available and used automatically.
  • The default forwarded message text now has size 1 and the same color as background, not to be seen in case the recipient is active and reads the forwarded message.


  • Initial beta release. A button with the text Incognito is added for every message, which opens the window to forward the message (without having opened it) and fills a random guest name (if any) in the recipient field, and a default text in the message content.

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