naz7 / Grepolis Command List Fix


Version: 0.2.2+6ab8dd9 updated

Summary: Fixes the problem of command window disappearing on click


License: MIT;

Grepolis userscript. Fixes the command window (not the admin one, but the one that shows up when hovering the sword icon of the top bar) going invisible when canceling a command. It also allows to hold the window visible when mouseleaving it. If you want to hide the command window, you can pass the mouse through the sword icon and mouseleave it instead of mouseleaving the window itself.



  • Now recruitment and trading windows are also shown again when cancelling a trade or when cancelling a recruitment.
  • Fixed recruitment and trading tooltips being overlapped by the command/recruitment/trading windows.


  • Fixed command removal buttons appearing in already canceled commands.


  • Initial beta release. The command window is kept on front when mouseleaving it or when canceling a command.

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