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Version: 2.0+4a332a2 updated

Summary: Gets the price displayed on shopping sites and shows the equivalent hours of your life spent to earn that money.





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License: MIT

Show Price as Hours of your Life

MIT license HitCount

  • This script asks a user for their Approximate Annual Salary/Wages/Earning.
  • This value is stored in their OWN browser's local TamperMonkey DB.
  • Based on this Annual Earnings and the Price of an item displayed in shopping sites, the average hours required for you to work to buy each item is displayed nearby.
  • For now, this script works on,,, Paytm and Google Store/Shopping.
  • A small Reset button also will be added by this Userscript on the above sites. This can help you update future increase/decrease in earnings.
  • If you spend a lot online and want to see this info, this script will display the hours near by the actual price of an item.
  • Works on Chrome/Firefox/Edge using TamperMonkey/ViolentMonkey.
  • If you are new to userscripts/Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey, Checkout this getting started guide.
  • Feedback welcome. Let me know any new ideas/ improvements to scripts.
  • If you find my work useful, please consider supporting me.
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