n3kgalm / BlueCat Address Manager MultiPing Tool


Version: 2+2673a92 updated

Summary: Tool to ping one or more IP(s) in the BlueCat Address Manager Network Addresses Tab

Copyright: 2018, Marius Galm

License: MIT

Hello to all BlueCat Administrators out there.

Ever been in the situation where you just don't trust the free IPs in you network and want to ping some from the UI?
This script got you covered (at least as good as JavaScript goes).

-- The limitation of the usefulness of the result is heavy, because there is no real ping in JS.
-- The workaround here will try to get a http response by IP which should give kind of an idea but hey PING is not that reliable as well ;-)

This will add a button to the IP Network to ping the IPs you select with the respective checkboxes.

_ The results are not presistent and might come in later (even if the button name is already reset)._

Here a gif worth a thousand words

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