n3kgalm / BlueCat Address Manager Fixed Header


Version: 7+6386dc6 updated

Summary: Add a "Go to Top" button and fix Header (Still experimental for certain tables) in BlueCat Address Manager

Copyright: 2018, Marius Galm

License: MIT

- this is still experimental -

Hello to all BlueCat Administrators out there.

Have you ever selected multiple IPs or DNS records and missing the button to modify/delete them?
Scrolling back up is the way to go, but fixing the header would be easier, right?
Here is a script that can help you out by fixing the header of the current table (well, I must admit not all of it ;-D).





If anyone can figure this out, I'd be glad for the help.

Currently running on: IP4BlockPage, IP4NetworkPage and ZoneDetails

Update v5:
Using sticky positions now, but I still need to figure more stuff out the get the Table heading fixed

Update v6:
Adding to top button and pretty much giving up on the idea, most of the events break once the element classes get changed to sticky, looks cool but is broken.
Except the Top Button, thinking about isolating it as a standalone:

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