n3kgalm / BlueCat Address Manager Copy to Clipboard on Hover


Version: 4+3daf387 updated

Summary: Add a copy to clipboard button to table cell while hovering over it in Table View in BlueCat Address Manager

Copyright: 2018, Marius Galm

License: MIT

If you are sometimes having trouble like me where you can just not get a text highlighted just the right way to copy it or additional junk is copied with the
text, then this will help.

The script will add a small button next to the text you hover over and if you click it the text will be copied to your clipbroad:

click it

Once clicked a short indicator will appear, showing you what was copied:

popup indicates copy

One issue I found: if the text is too wide, it doesn't make sense to put the icon at the back, so I put it in front

At the front

The UI will start a fight here, the build-in sCC function will create a popup with the text overshadowing the button.

You can use my other script to adjust the column size, then the normal behaviour will be used again.

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