monk-time / ICM - Movie info labels


Version: 1.0.2+5c8e3d8 updated

Summary: Click 'Filter/Load data' above a list to add labels with checks/runtime that can sort lists on click.


Copyright: 2017, monk-time (

License: MIT;

Adds clickable labels on lists with movie data (checks, runtime) and allows re-ordering lists without page reload. Clicking on a label (or an ↑↓ button that appears if you mouse over the year or the list count) sort the list by that label, clicking again sorts it in the reverse order. Sorting by multiple criteria sort of works, but is rather finicky to get right. Double-clicking on an empty space in a row hides the row.

Supports the latest Firefox + Greasemonkey and Chrome + Tampermonkey. Haven't tested elsewhere but it must work on any FF/Chrome + GM/TM/VM combination.

How to use: open any movie list, mouse over the 'Filter' button (on the top near the tabs row) and click 'Load data'. The script loads labels only for movies that are on the currently opened tab. You can sort the list only after all labels have been loaded.

Warning: the script can put a significant load on the ICM server when using it on large (500-1000 items) lists, so use it sparingly.

Movies with less than 10, 100, 400 or 1000 checks or less than 20 or 40 minutes have slightly differently colored labels:


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