mmtf / Translation Library


Version: 0.5.3+36f68af updated

Summary: Includes Sogou, Baido, Google Translate and more!

License: MIT


What happened to GTLNMTL?

You might be coming here from Google Translate for LNMTL, and you may wonder why I stopped development of GTLNMTL and switched to TranslateLib.
The reason is simple, I've improved myself and I am ready to attempt a bigger and better project. This project was also partly inspired from lightnovel-crawler.

What is TranslateLib

TranslateLib is a more general version of GTLNMTL and adds support for future alternative translation providers. It also has all the goodies of GTLNMTL and will continue to improve in the future. It will support Sogou in the very near future.

To be more specific, TranslateLib provides the groundwork for alternative translation providers. TranslateLib uses ES6 features heavily and has a cleaner codebase than Google Translate.
It's also completely opensourced with the GNU Public License.

How does it work?

You go to the Settings panel in and then choose the providers you want to use by clicking on the buttons. Then by clicking on the tabs next to TLLib you can customize your translators as you'd like to. You can try out the themes and also change the wait time.

Wait time is the amount of milliseconds (one-thousandth of a second) that are going to be waited in between each request. (This concerns inner logic, but basically increasing this will slow down a translator but make it more reliable, so if a provider doesn't work for you try increasing the wait time to 5000 ms or more and retry.)

Progress tracking

This plugin will automatically track your novel reading progress locally and give you the option to continue reading where you left off in the novel information page. You can find the button to continue under the "Novel information" sidebar. (Having multiple tabs with the same novel might cause it to be buggy)

Supported Providers

Reverso Translate, Google Translate, Niutrans, Baidu Translate. (more to be added)

The source code is crazy, I thought this was open source?

Yeah, the code which is published here is a minified version built with Grunt. You can check out the source code and build it from the source code at the github repo.

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