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Summary: Tivo Community Forum usability tweaks

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License: GPL-3.0-or-later;

Just for grins, I created some "tweaks" for Tivo Community Forum web site. I thought someone else might find them useful as well.

The tweaks are contained in a JavaScript user script which requires either TamperMonkey, GreaseMonkey, or ViolentMonkey addon for your browser. I have tested this only with

  • FireFox 59.0.2 with GreaseMonkey 4.3, TamperMonkey 4.6, and ViolentMonkey 2.9.4
  • Chrome 65.0 with TamperMonkey 4.5 and 4.6, and ViolentMonkey 2.9.4
  • Vivaldi 1.15.1146.5 with TamperMonkey 4.5 and 4.6

While I expect it could work with other browsers and user script engines, I don't know.

What the tweaks are

Preview popup inhibitor

When the mouse cursor hovers over a thread link, a preview of the thread pops up. Mostly that is not only unuseful, but actually covers the text that I am reading because the mouse is inadvertently hovering over a link due to page scrolling.

The preview popup inhibitor may be disabled.


A lot of times it is easier just to press a key than find a target button on the screen and click it (especially when the target button has scrolled off the screen). So I've assigned keys to links.

  • T Subscribed threads
  • F Subscribed forums
  • M Mark current forum read.
    • Invokes the "Mark Forums Read" dialog.
    • Optionally invoke the mark current forum read action.
    • Optionally, jump to a designated page, such as Subscribed Forums, Subscribed Threads, etc., when the mark current forum read action is completed.
  • A All forums
  • S Spy
  • N New Posts
  • H Home page of current forum
  • U Up a level. Returns to the previous page where the current thread or forum was launched.
  • < Previous page
  • , Previous page
  • > Next page
  • . Next page
  • G Go to first unread
    • When invoked on a page listing forums, opens the first forum with unread messages.
    • When invoked on a page listing message threads, opens the first unread thread.
    • When invoked on a page inside a message thread, opens up the first unread message.

All hotkey functions are easily bound to any key or disabled entirely.

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