metazeta / 101 - Leveling planner


Version: 0.3+1a3aaa4 updated

Summary: Estimates total XP on user profiles and gives the amount won by current projects

License: MIT

101 - Leveling planner


This script allow users of the 42 Intranet users to see the total experience points on the progress bar of all users profile.
Users can also click the progress bar and see how many XP they won along their validated projects.

The experience points are estimated by an imperfect polynomial model that can lead to disparities. The model will be improved over time.

This userscript must be installed with Tampermonkey :
Tampermonkey for Chrome
Tampermonkey for Firefox

current model :


Future updates

  • Forecast the experience increase after validating current projects.
  • Add a title for users depending on their skill tree.

For those who wishes to contact me my 42 user login is eruaud.

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