mawekuwe / Lichess Topbar Menu


Version: 1.7+7a5987b updated

Summary: Restore the topbar menu



Copyright: 2015+, mawekuwe

License: MIT;

License: GPL-3.0


  • version 1.7
    • Moved PING on Topbar
  • version 1.6
    • Disabled topmenu since the official one is back
    • Fix font-size in #tournament
  • version 1.5
    • css Text-transform Small fix
  • version 1.4
    • Added function to highlight the current menu entry
    • Added ability to hide TV ads in homepage from some users.(thanks to robertmaxrees from #jquery)
    • Menu entries are now internationalized (thanks to RaulJose from
    • Small bug fix with forum part (thanks to RaulJose from
  • version 1.3
    • Added background color menu for light/dark theme.
    • Added the new hierarchy menu and the previous one as optional. (Switch the setting to true or false)
    • Forum part: Uses the full width of the site when you are on the forum which involves hiding the useless and empty sidebar and the logo.
    • Tournament part: Added feature to always be rated selected when make new tournament.
  • version 1.2
    • Added submenus for categories Forum


Lichess TopMenu Before on Light Theme
Lichess TopMenu Before on Dark Theme
Lichess TopMenu After on Light Theme
Lichess TopMenu After on Dark Theme
Lichess Forum Before on Dark Theme
Lichess Forum After on Dark Theme

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