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Version: 1.0.7+2f46950 updated

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License: MIT

Fimfiction Comment Bookmarks

Fimfiction Comment Bookmarks is a userscript written for the My Little Pony fanfiction site that allows the users to bookmark comments on the site.

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This script requires the extension Tampermonkey and has been tested to work on Chrome and Firefox.


  • The script supports story comments, blog comments, forum threads, and profile page comments. (Image)
  • The saved comments can be accessed from the new "Bookmarks" button in the site's navigation bar. (GIF)
  • The comments are saved and displayed as plain text, you can use the 'live preview' toggle to display it with formatting and vote counts. (GIF)
  • The bookmarks can be sorted and displayed by:
    • When the comment was made.
    • When the bookmark was added.
    • Parent post, where the bookmarks are grouped together by the post they belong to.
  • Filtering by comment categories. (GIF)
  • Basic text search functionality that works on:
    • Title: Everything that is displayed in the comment's title field, this includes: story and chapter name, the author name, or the group the forum post belongs to. (GIF)
    • Comment: Main body of the comment.
    • Commenter: The author of the comment.
  • Support for Fimfiction's dark mode and mobile view. (GIF)
  • Changes to the bookmarks are synced across tabs. (GIF)
  • Import and export, for backup or transferring saved bookmarks to another browser or computer.

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