/ Derpibooru Custom Shortcuts


Version: 1.2.15+a40eb67 updated

Summary: Configurable shortcuts and enhanced keyboard navigation. "Ctrl+Shift+/" to open settings.




License: MIT

Derpibooru Custom Shortcuts - Github link

Custom Shortcuts is an userscript for the site Derpibooru, and enables the customization the site's original keyboard shortcuts and many additional functions, including a keyboard navigation mode.


An userscript manager such as Violentmonkey is required.

Click here to install

User guide

By default, the script makes no changes or additions to Derpibooru's default shortcuts. Upon installation, users should open up the settings with ctrl + shift + / to begin customization.

The script have 3 fully configurable preset slots, and the ability to switch between them with the keybind alt + [1-3] by default.

By default preset 1 is preconfigured with the recommended keybinds, optimized for left hand operation, as a starting point for customization.

Keyboard navigation mode

Toggle on and off with the Q key by default. When enabled, the scroll up/down/left/right keys can be used to highlight thumbnails on the image results page. Images can be navigated to with the E key, and the favorite/upvote/mute shortcuts will be applied to the selected image.

Special keybinds

ctrl + shift + /: Toggles the settings panel.

Esc: Deselects any input fields or text areas.

List of all configurable shortcuts:

  • Scroll up
  • Scroll down
  • Scroll left
  • Scroll right
  • Enable keyboard navigation of images and tags
  • Open selected image when keyboard navigation is enabled
  • Open selected image in new tab - Due to browser restrictions, you need to use ctrl + enter if you want to open the tab in background.
  • Previous page/image
  • Next page/image
  • Open source URL
  • Random image
  • Upvote image
  • Favourite image
  • Go to index page containing the image being displayed
  • Open tags for editing
  • Save tags - If you want to submit the tags while the caret is still in the fancy tag editor, the keybind must include the ctrl or alt modifier. Otherwise press Esc to deselect it first.
  • Cycle through image scaling
  • Mute/unmute webms
  • Focus on search field
  • Focus on comment form
  • Refresh comment list
  • Go back in browser history
  • Go forward in browser history
  • Global: Switch to default keybinds
  • Global: Switch to preset 1
  • Global: Switch to preset 2
  • Global: Switch to preset 3

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