marcowahl / yt2invidious


Version: 2.0.2+97aa405 updated

Summary: Easily jump from yt to invidio.



Copyright: 2019-2021, marcowahl (

License: GPL-3.0-or-later;


Add a button to each yt page to switch from yt to the respective invidio page.

invidio is like a mirror of yt but it's not a perfect mirror. Just try.

This button is just for convenience. You can do the switch to invidio also manually and most likely more reliably.

Benefits of invidio

  • No ads.
  • Less restrictions.
  • Audio only mode. Watch out for the headphone symbol.

Issues with invidio

  • Not every yt video is available.
  • There have been buttons for download. closes down on September 1st

But there is [2020-09-01]! There are further alternatives.

So possibly the journey of yt2invidious can go on! :o)

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