lumen / GitHub To-Do View


Version: 1.0+e2b5bdd

Summary: Removes the "Public" tag from GitHub repos, allowing you to see "Private" tags more easily. Meant for people who use private repos as WIP projects and needs to quickly see what needs work/to be released

License: MIT

With the way I use git and GitHub, typically any repo set to private is a project that needs work or is on my to-do list, while anything public is finished or in a state that it can be left alone for now. I'd like to be able to scroll through my repo page and quickly see what repos are marked private, but with how similar the "public" and "private" tags are, its nearly impossible. This Userscript fixes that by hiding all the "public" tags and only showing the "private" ones, making them much more visable and making it much easier to see what projects need to be worked on. Enjoy :)

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