lee8oi / +Moderator


Version: 0.2+8ac7401 updated

Summary: Currently a simple toggle-able moderator panel with Approve All and Remove All buttons for easier 'Likely Spam' moderation in Google+ Communities.

License: MPL-2.0

What is +Moderator?

An early development script I'm working on to help with Google+ Community moderation. Right now it adds a "+Moderator" button to the upper right corner of the browser window when you are in a community (refresh the page if you don't see it). Click that button and a handy panel pops up with a couple tools on it to help manage spam.

Current Tools Available

Approve All - Clicks all of the Approve buttons on the current posts.
Reject All - Clicks all of the Reject buttons on the current posts.

Is There More Coming?

That's the plan. I'm an community owner/moderator myself (since 2012). I've seen my share of spam problems and certainly notice the moderator tools are lacking. I'm hoping I can fill in blanks myself and build an effective moderation system.

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