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Version: 2020.03.24+a3c4df8 updated

Summary: This used to display ratings bar on YouTube thumbnails, but Google has blocked how it gets its data. I'm disabling it for now in case people still have it running.


Copyright: 2014, lednerg (https://openuserjs.org/users/lednerg)

License: MIT

March 2020 - Google is blocking this script from working.

Google has severely limited the amount of data requests we can make, effectively killing this plugin. I can't even run it for just myself, let alone for the hundreds who had been using it. We're basically done here, sorry. I have disabled the script from doing anything to waste CPU or bandwidth in case people have forgotten they have it installed.


This script places a ratings bar beneath video thumbnails and it indicates the enthusiasm viewers have for videos with an additional blue bar. This blue "Power Meter" is based on the ratio of 'Likes' and total views. In other words, it gives you an idea of how often people have hit the 'Like' button instead doing nothing or hitting 'Dislike'. Even a list of videos that all have 100% 'Likes' will have different Power Meter scores, pointing out the cream of the crop for you.


If you want to customize the thickness of the bar, the colors, the animations, or put the bar above the thumbnails, check out this UserStyle:


If you want detailed information about the ratings or want a better look at the ratings bar, hover over the thumbnail. The blue number is the Power Meter score (out of 100, but nothing gets 100). This is followed by the number of likes and dislikes in green and red.

This is a not-too-common case when the Power Meter is larger than the green 'Likes' bar. This can happen when the subject of a video is controversial and people are spamming 'Dislike' as a response to the controversy rather than the objective quality of the video itself. The Power Meter acts as a filter in these cases, helping you find the best videos about unpopular subjects.

The Power Meter needs an accurate view count to work. If YouTube can't make sense of the view count YouTube provides (more votes than views), then the bar will have green/yellow stripes and say "View Count Error".

Further Info

In case you load a YouTube page and the ratings don't show up immediately, just scroll down the page. Whenever you scroll down or up, the script will re-evaluate the situation and try to get missing information from YouTube and display it for you as soon as it gets it.

I'm not asking for donations for this script. This is something I made for myself and have decided to make available to you because I think you may enjoy it. If you find it useful, then please consider giving the script a positive rating.


  • v2017.09.14 - Places a Ratings Bar below video player by the view count.
  • v2017.07.05 - Fix for YouTube's new animated thumbnails.
  • v2016.09.29.2 - Makes YouTube's "resume bar" orange (#D29713). Can change on UserStyle page.
  • v2016.09.29 - Puts YouTube's new "resume bar" up top, out of the way.
  • v2016.08.06 - Quick fix to help OpenUserJS with auto-updating (added "@updateURL" line).
  • v2016.08.05 - Re-enabling bars for the screen that pops up after watching a video, the "VideoWall".
  • v2016.04.02 - Dealing with some crap Tampermonkey decided to introduce out of the blue.
  • v2016.03.05 - Simplify vote tallies [1,395,419 = "1.4m"]. No more "-0/+0" messages or parentheses.
  • v2016.03.02 - Moved popup mode button in YouTube+
  • v2016.02.12 - Hover over the Fullscreen button after the video plays and ratings bars will appear on the "video wall" thumbnails.
  • v2015.12.20.a - YouTube Plus buttons won't block the bars. Updated the UserStyle as well, in case you use top mode.
  • v2015.12.20 - Needed to refresh for bars to show up on some pages.
  • v2015.12.04 - Added support for new Trending section
  • v2015.10.19 - New YouTube changes were causing "NaN" messages
  • v2015.08.05 - YouTube got rid of 301+, so no point in detecting it anymore
  • v2015.01.10 - Another fix for the recent YouTube changes
  • v2015.01.09.a - Fix for thumbnail times in suggestion list
  • v2015.01.09 - Fix for latest changes to YouTube
  • v2014.09.20 - Bars are visible in playlist windows alongside player
  • v2014.07.15 - Upgraded to YouTube API v3
  • v2014.07.14.b - Text fades in when hovering thumbnails instead (works better, can be changed with the UserStyle)
  • v2014.07.14.a - Overlapping text
  • v2014.07.14 - Text fades when hovering over bars. (can be changed with the UserStyle)
  • v2014.07.10 - More adjustments for text labels.
  • v2014.07.09 - Fixed text label placement and size.
  • v2014.07.07 - Cleaner, minimal design. Lots of performance tweaks.
  • v2014.07.04.a - Thinner stripes
  • v2014.07.04 - Transparent stripes, tweaked animations, simplified UserStyle
  • v2014.07.02 - YouTube changed some spans to divs, needed to adjust accordingly
  • v2014.06.30 - 'Watched' thumbnails would move 1 pixel while fading in/out. Now using a workaround (this was a browser bug).
  • v2014.06.29.a - Sped up the fading animation on 'watched' thumbnails. Made pausedBar shorter on hover
  • v2014.06.29 - Animations, text labels, gradient stripes instead of borders, bug fixes
  • v2014.06.15 - Slight color tweak, added icon and license link
  • v2014.06.11 - Public

To Do

  • Short term:
    [DONE] Place Power Meter below video player by the view count
    [DONE] Place Power Meters in video end screens (only for the HTML5 player)
  • Longer Term:
    Settings window (instead of UserStyles.org page)

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