lednerg / YouBlock


Version: .1+e17dee1

Summary: Hit 'Flag for Spam' to block users in YouTube chat


License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

This is a Greasemonkey version of the Chrome extension called YouBlock by darby.rathbone, not me.

**If you are using Chrome or a Chromium based browser, then please install the Chrome extension instead **since it should run smoother and you'll be much more likely to get updates. I literally just copy/pasted the Javascript code, tested it on Firefox to see if it works, and now I'm posting it here for Firefox users.

If you're having problems with this Userscript, then do NOT bother darby.rathbone about it on the Chrome extension site or give a poor review there.


To block users in live chat, click the flag next to their comment, and then click "Flag for Spam".

To unblock, just refresh the page. This script does not remember blocked users.

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