krazyjakee / The Idle Class Autoclicker


Version: 0.3+8885ed9 updated

Summary: Adds autoclick toggle button and options at the top. Clicks Earn dollars and aquisition fire button. Answers emails and much more...

License: MIT

The Idle Class Auto Clicker


  • Enable/Disable auto clicking with a button in the top bar
  • Auto click "Earn Dollars"
  • Auto click "Fire employees" in an acquisition
  • Auto create 24 hour investments
  • Sells patents
  • Answer emails
  • Answer acquisition emails
  • Answer acquisition chat
  • Hires 10 of each type of acquisition worker
  • Autosell completed acquisitions
  • Save the game more frequently
  • Autofill composed email contents


  • More Granular options menu
  • Automatically send emails
  • Automatic upgrades when available
  • Automatic tactical hires to gain achievements

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