keepcalmandbelogical / mouse events ad killer


Version: 0.2.6+74c247a updated

Summary: Disables this mouse events listeners: click, mousedown, mouseup, contextmenu, touchstart. Also disables peer connections. Script only valid for websites with href anchors for navigation


License: MIT

This script helps to stop the annoying adverstisment popups and page redirects each time the page is clicked, touched, right clicked, ...
Because all this events are removed, the site still needs to be navigable trough anchor links with href properties.

Este script nos ayudará a detener los molestos anuncios emergentes o ser redireccionados cada vez que pinchemos en la página.
Al ser eliminados ciertos eventos del ratón, debe ser posible navegar por el sitio web mediante enlaces a través de la propiedad href.

Features / Funcionalidades

  • removes click events
  • removes mousedown events
  • removes mouseup events
  • removes contextmenu events
  • removes touchstart events

Supported sites / Sitios incluidos

Open an issue if you want to include another site / Abre una incidencia si quieres que incluya más sitios

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