jrwarwick / Jira Issue Reference to Clipboard


Version: 1.1+c5d981b

Summary: This script is written to allow easy copying of Task Title and Description to Clipboard, and Customer Approval Portal link, too.


License: MIT

When working with Jira, particularly Service Management (previously known as "Service Desk") and Change Management, you will interface with "customer" class users. They often ignore or forget approval prompts, action notifications, etc. So sometimes it becomes the burden of the IT/Service/help/desk staff to remind, cajole, exhort, etc. the customer user to take appropriate action (append UAT evidence, and/or click "Approve" buttons) so that the Jira issue can move forward in the workflow. Added stinger: Jira does not a way to re-send approval requests/notifications!
So, this script just gives us a quick and easy clickable button to copy to the clipboard a user-friendly-ish pasteable reference and link so that when you are drafting your reminder/cajoling/exhortation email/IM/SMS/popup, you have specific, clear, actionable context information to start with.

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