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Version: 1.0.0+19c731e updated

Summary: Autoblog Comments Enhancer (ACE)

Copyright: 2014+, Joeviocoe

License: MIT;

I have really been hating the Autoblog comment system the last couple of years.
For anyone who is familiar with the AOL system, it is horrible to navigate, impossible to edit, they removed the hyperlinks, frequently the comments will double-posts or not even allow submission.

I wrote my first Javascript code to make it much easier to navigate, read, and keep up with conversations.

  • Commenting Features:
    • Edit your comments (client side only):
      • For users not using ACE, edits show as easy to understand replies to the comment instead
      • For every ACE user, comments are edited when page loads (the reply non-ACE users see, is hidden)
    • Signatures (placed on bottom of comment)
    • Quote a comment in a reply (select a string of text, press Quote... or just press to Reply directly)
    • Ignore comments by User, Keyword/phrase, or single comments
  • Navigation Features:
    • Expand/collapse ALL comments and replies.
    • Scroll through the day's comments by age.
    • Show number of New comments since page was loaded (in the title bar)
    • Auto-Refresh when new comments detected
    • Scroll to latest comment. (on page load, and/or manually).
  • Visual Features:
    • Hyperlink all URLs
    • Highlight and scroll directly through your own comments.
    • Highlight the age of recent comments with increasing emphasis on newer posts.

Please feel free to play around with the features...
Although the script should not interfere at all with normal functions this is still a work in progress, so please leave comments at the page under 'issues'. I have tested this with the latest Chrome and Firefox Browsers.

This script requires either Firefox or Chrome... and the Browser Extension Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey.

Tampermonkey Extension for Chrome or Greasemonkey Extension for Firefox

Once the browser extension is installed... go to
This Script Page
... and click "Install".
The script will be active only when you browse to an article on and

Thanks for your time... and thank you if you are able to try/test this for continued improvement.
Enjoy. :)

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