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Version: 2014.3.14+804797d

Summary: Shows larger version of thumbnails on



License: MIT;

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Script Summary:
Shows larger version of thumbnails on

Remotely hosted version

Thumb Thumb
open popupmove mouse cursor over thumbnail
close popupmove cursor off thumbnail, click, zoom out fully, ...
activate zoomright-click or tap shift while popup is visible
adjust zoommouse wheel up/down to zoom in/out
open image in new tabpress "t" while popup is visible
flip through imgur/minus albummouse wheel, j/k or left/right keys
deactivate until page reloadpress escape while popup is visible
suppress/freeze popuphold down shift while entering/leaving thumbnail
change settingsmonkey toolbar icon -> "User Script Commands" -> "Set up..."

  • Image dimensions and zoom level are shown in the title bar of your browser window.
Compatibility:When reporting problems:
  • State name and version of your browser and script manager.
  • Provide a web address where I can see the problem for myself. A domain name is not enough.
  • Be as specific as possible. I need to know where to look.

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