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Version: 1.3.1+9fc1cac

Summary: Filter animes in the Home/New-Episodes pages to show only what you are watching or plan to watch based on your anime list on MAL or AL.

License: MIT

AniHIDE - Hide Unrelated Episodes

No more distracting Home/New-Episodes pages!!

Are you tired of scrolling through endless unrelated episodes while trying to find your favorite anime? Say goodbye to the frustration and level up your anime watching experience with AniHIDE - Hide Unrelated Episodes!


  • Intelligent Filtering: Automatically hides unrelated episodes using your MAL or AniList, so you can focus on the anime you love.
  • Seamless Integration: Works flawlessly on popular anime streaming websites like Yugenanime, Gogoanime, and AnimePahe and more to come~
  • MAL/AL Integration: Sync with your anime list on MyAnimeList (MAL) or AniList (AL) to auto-hide eps of the anime you have on your Plan-to-watch or Currently-watching.
  • Customizable List: You can even add or remove anime manually to fine-tune your viewing experience!

How It Works:

Once installed, click the Refresh anime list button in the script's menu.
It then loads your PTW/CW list from your MAL/AL account and intelligently filters out unrelated episodes from the current anime site's Home/New-Episodes page.
No more wasting precious time on those pesky unrelated anime episodes... Finally, some quality binge-watching!

Easy Setup:

  1. Install a userscript manager like TamperMonkey or ViolentMonkey for your browser.
  2. Install the AniHIDE - Hide Unrelated Episodes script from Greasy Fork.
  3. Set your MAL username and refresh your anime list from the script's menu.
  4. Start enjoying a clutter-free anime watching experience!

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AniHIDE is designed to work seamlessly on all modern browsers with a userscript manager extension installed. It has been extensively tested on Violentmonkey for Microsoft Edge, ensuring maximum compatibility.

Install AniHIDE

Note: This userscript requires you to have a MyAnimeList (MAL) or AniList (AL) account.

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