immaletufinish / Google & Youtube One-Click Sign Out


Version: 2.3+25ea94f

Summary: Moves the "Sign Out" link to the right of email address.

License: MIT;


Single click to log out instead of two!

This script moves the "Sign out" link from inside your accounts drop-down menu to right beside your email address/username in Google and Youtube.







v2.3 - Fixes for Youtube and other Google sites; updated inline styles

v2.2 - Sloppy fixes for Gmail and Youtube

v2.1 - Fixes for Gmail and Youtube (only tested in Firefox 19.0.2 and Chrome with Tampermonkey)

v2.0a - Removed jQuery usage, now working in Chrome.

v2.0 - Major fix for new Google Accounts. Now uses jQuery.

v1.5d - Another minor fix for Youtube (SSL support).

v1.5c - Minor fix for Youtube.

v1.5b - Fix for new Youtube layout.

v1.5a - Fix for Youtube.

v1.5 - Another fix for Gmail.

v1.4 - Added Youtube support + longer delay for Gmail.

v1.3 - Fix for Gmail.

v1.2 - iframe hack added for Gmail + minor style adjustment (the link should now look fine on any theme).

v1.1 - Using "DOMContentLoaded" instead + minor style adjustment (took out the red).

v1.0 - Added load listener.

v0.9 - Unique sign out link added for each service. Removed right padding.

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