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Version: 2.0.5+4f2e540 updated

Summary: Adds various features and improves the OpenUserJS experience




Copyright: 2021, Davide (

License: MIT


Adds various features and improves the OpenUserJS experience

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  • Hide blacklisted scripts (press Ctrl + Alt + B to show again), based on one or more of the following lists:
    • Non-Latin: This list blocks all scripts with non-Latin characters in the title/description
    • Blacklist: A "non-opinionable" list that blocks all scripts with emoji in the title/description, references to "bots", "cheats" and some online game sites, and other "bullshit"
    • Custom Blacklist: Personal blacklist defined by a set of unwanted words
  • Add a button to hide the script (press Ctrl + Alt + H to show again)
  • Add a button to install the script directly, which shows the version of the script, and which changes dynamically according to your version, if any, already installed (dynamic changes only work if you are using Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey)
  • Get notified whenever your total installs got over one of your set milestones
Hide script button
Hide script button
Install button
Install button
Milestone notification
Milestone notification

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