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Version: 2.892+b21514d updated

Summary: Adds sorting, filtering, table-breaking, color coding, extra vehicle details, ETA, radar, gadgets, dynamic updates, trip stats, event history and various other features to Minethings ships/vehicles transport pages.

Copyright: 2013+, iMachine

License: MIT;


Extra vehicle details:
Each vehicle's speed and ETA are displayed and updated in real time. ETA is actually estimated time remaining arrival and will appear in the form: "3h 27m'.
Other vehicle details are automatically gleaned and updated from the vehicle status page as and when it is needed.
For ships: hull, crew, crew strength, cannons, ammo with optional color coding for damaged hull, lost crew members etc.
For land vehicles: attack, armor, offense, defense, dodge.
(see notes below on how/when these details are refreshed)

Trip stats:
The total number of fights entered, fights won/lost/fended, escapes and times you were eluded on the current trip is optionally displayed for each vehicle.

Event history:
All events for each vehicle can be optionally displayed in the format "WWFeee".

Last event:
The last trip event for each vehicle can be optionally displayed. The type of event (started fight,won,lost,escaped,was eluded), the time of the event, and the enemy involved in that event are shown. (Binoculars gadget must be active to enable enemy info).

If you have the Radar gadget enabled, all radar data can be viewed on the transport page. Radar data is auto refreshed every X minutes (default is 60) as long as the gadget is active.
Also, for each route reported in the radar table, the total number of your docked, moving and engaged vehicles on that route is displayed (this information is refreshed on Transport page refresh and does not require a full Radar refresh).
Radar can be filtered by vehicle class.

The status of all transport-related gadgets is (optionally) shown in a table on the transport page. The table is color-coded so you can see at a glance which gadgets are active, inactive or nearly expired.
Gadgets can be set in Preferences as "important gadgets" (default = all gadgets are classed as important). Important gadgets will appear vivid red in the table when inactive, and are checked before sending vehicles, with a vivid warning (optionally) displayed at the top of the 'Vehicle send' page listing all important gadgets which are inactive.
Gadget statuses and expiry times are automatically updated; however, the first time you run the script you will need to hit "Refresh" on the gadgets table to kick everything off. After that, everything is automatic.

The vehicle table can be sorted on any combination of columns in any order (default is -Class,Dest,City,Km Left).
Cities and Dests can be sorted alphabetically or in a custom order (default is Esmi,Qido,Fahtkee,317,Lyhase,Alaxia,).
Damaged vehicles can optionally be shown together at the bottom of the table.
The table is automatically sorted in real time.

Break table into fleets:
A noticeable border is drawn between differing sort elements (vehicle classes/cities/routes) to easily differentiate vehicle fleets.
Also, vehicles on the same route which are more than X Km apart (default is 50) will be classed as different fleets (if table sort order includes City and Dest).

You can filter vehicles by: Class, City, Dest and Status. Click on any value to filter that column by that value .. click the value again and the filter goes away. You can combine filtering across multiple columns, so you can focus on, say, all your class 2(green and blue) ships in qido, or just on ships en route from esmi to fahktee, etc.. If the filters in effect result in no vehicles matching those filters, the filters are cancelled and all vehicles are displayed. (note: in the case of values in the Class and Status columns, be careful you don't click the actual link in the cell - you have to click the cell's background).

Color coding:
Specific details such as Vehicle status,City/Dest,Cargo,Proximity to destination,Crew strength,Hull damage,Ammo etc. are color coded.
All details are color coded by text color as 'Important' (default is black) or 'NonImportant' (default is dark grey). All vehicles engaged in combat will have most of their details marked as Important.

Dynamic updates:
Each vehicle's speed and ETA are updated in real-time.
Vehicle details are now refreshed post-combat. If a vehicle's status changes from 'engaged' to 'moving', its post-combat speed,hull,crew and all other details are displayed.

Send vehicle improvements:
Options to autoset vehicle destination, auto-confirm send, return to transport page after send.

The page's title (and tab title if open in a tab) will show the total number of vehicles you have moving/engaged, and total current cargo being carried. This information is updated when the transport page is refreshed.

Auto-refresh page:
Page is automatically refreshed every X minutes (default is 5)

All preferences can be edited and are persistent - that is, they are saved and remembered for next time.

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