i-machine / Mine Things - Findings


Version: 1.22+dfdde19 updated

Summary: Named mines, lockable mines, findings filters, extra findings details, battery refresh in any city

Copyright: 2014+, iMachine

License: MIT;


Named mines: Each mine you own now has its own name. Mine names can be edited by clicking the mine's name on screen.

Lockable mines: Each city can have its mines locked or unlocked. If locked, clicking on "MINES" in that city will not open the findings page

Findings filters: New findings and historic findings can now be filtered to hide Trashed, Stolen, and Gold findings. Also, historic findings can be filtered by mine.

Extra details: For each new and historic finding, the mine it was found in and the date/time of the finding is now shown.

Time between finds: As well as Buckets per hour, the expected time between finds is now shown in the format 2h 20m.

Load all findings: There is now a "load all findings" link next to "load more findings", which simply repeatedly clicks "load more findings" until all findings are loaded. this may take a few seconds to perform.

Refresh batteries in specified city: An icon is displayed at the top of every page next to "Batteries". Click it and you will be prompted to enter the city to refresh batteries in. This city is remembered, so only needs entering the first time you refresh batteries. The script will then switch to that city, check mine findings, then switch back to the city you were in and the page you were originally viewing.

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