i-machine / Mine Things - Chat


Version: 1.723+9492593 updated

Summary: Customizes chat and adds a few extra features

Copyright: 2013+, iMachine

License: MIT;

Lets you customize pretty much everything in the Chat box on the "miners" chat page.
Timestamps - 'Show timestamps', 'Use 24hr clock' and 'Show seconds'
Pager - will react to chat messages such as 'paging yourname'
Flair - Flair can be applied to: Your own chat text, mention of your User ID or nickname, mention of keyphrases, as well as various commands such as: '/me, /announcement, /sarcasm' etc.
Splits up posts from different users into paragraphs
Displays chat activity meter and time since last chat in page's title
Prevents chat page from splitting up links and also makes them clickable
Persistent preferences

Chat script in operation:

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