hany_mamdoh / Travian Resource bar plus for ancient cities servers


Version: 2.12.21+9802ef4 updated

Summary: Shows travian resources---modified to support t4.4 ancient cites servers

Copyright: hany_mamdoh (Orginally by © Serj_LV)

License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

License: GPL-3.0+; http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

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Updated to Support :
Travian Resource bar plus for EGYPTIANS , HUNS servers

Chrome/Chromium with Tampermonkey,
Opera with Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey,
Firefox with Greasemonkey,
Microsoft Edge with Tampermonkey,
Android: Habit Browser
Recommended: the latest version of these browsers and plug-ins.

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Version 2.12.21 - Oct 12, 2017
Fix crop incoming resource

Version 2.12.20 - Sep 27, 2017
Added new feature show all incoming resources

Version 2.12.17 - Sep 15, 2017
Quickfix for normalize production

Version 2.12.16 - Sep 13, 2017

Updated gettertools link to use https
Fixed rounded corners style
Version 2.12.15 - Sep 8, 2017

Fix for Opera browser with ViolentMonkey
Fixed troops overview for Travian Fire and Sand
Fixed show message text display direction for Arabia servers
Renamed server type Rise of Alliances to Fire and Sand
Version 2.12.14 - Sep 6, 2017

Added Great Barracks and Great Stable icons if they are available
Refresh Resource Bar after donating resources to Alliance
Removed BIG Icons window (replaced by in-game icons over the Travian Plus icons)
Removed EMBED audio notification as it doesn't work
Neighbors search: Added Natars, Egyptians and Huns icons
Alliance page, members tab: Added total number for each specialization (offense and defense)
Significantly improved script loading time
Version 2.12.13 - Aug 17, 2017

Added support for Egyptians and Huns new tribes
Added support for different map sizes (200x200 map size in Travian Fire and Sand closed beta)
What's New window
Version 2.12.12 - Aug 10, 2017

Fixes for new travian graphics
Removed flash notification option
Attack Detector function now makes sound alert if attack is detected
Version 2.12.11 - Jul 11, 2017

Fixed url includes (Travian finally moved to secured https)
Version 2.12.10 - March 14, 2017

fixed needed resource calculator function
added Notes back (Notes is already available in-game which saves text on server, but some users still want to use the old Notes from the script which saves text only locally)
fixed html5 alert autoplay infinite loop
Version 2.12.9 - December 10, 2016

fixed the bid increment function
added the possibility to disable the bid increment function if the value is set to 0
fixed showing needed resources for reviving the hero
various minor fixes
Version 2.12.8 - November 11, 2016

fixed show messages and messages link for new travian update
minor fix for showing coordinates links in message
Version 2.12.7 - October 15, 2016

Compatibility with Microsoft Edge browser! (Please report bugs)
minor fixes
Version 2.12.6 - October 9, 2016

minor fix for CP display
Version 2.12.5 - October 9, 2016

fixed attack types filters for new travian update
fixed display of buildings culture points
Version 2.12.4 - July 15, 2016

fixed crop and animal finder, after travian update
Version 2.12.3 - July 7, 2016

fixed sum of online players, after travian update
some cleaning
Version 2.12.2 - May 11, 2016

fixed tooltip for building timer
fixed market Repeat offer when player doesn't have an alliance
fixed tooltip text for report types (needs clear script data)
fixed showing analyzer activity links on alliance page
added sum of online players, sum of population, etc., in alliance members page
Version 2.12.1 - May 4, 2016

fixed incoming resources calculator in rally point for upcoming travian update
Version 2.11.9 - Apr 26, 2016

minor fixes for the upcoming travian update
removed the report search function because it was added in the latest game update
Version 2.11.8 - Apr 25, 2016

fixed script not starting for upcoming travian update
Version 2.11.7 - Apr 3, 2016

fixed npcForTroops to redistribute the remaining resources
Version 2.11.6 - Mar 30, 2016

removed rbNotes, because the function was added in Travian some time ago
fixed speed argument for kirilloid link
cleaned some T4 checks
Version 2.11.5 - Mar 20, 2016

fix for firefox
Version 2.11.4 - Mar 18, 2016

minor fix
Version 2.11.3 - Mar 18, 2016

fixed script not working after latest travian update
Version 2.11.2 - Mar 15, 2016

fixed show needed resources for troops/settlers only when not enough resources
Version 2.11.1 - Mar 12, 2016

fixed needed resources bug on smithy
fixed npcForTroops on market
Version 2.11.0 - Mar 9, 2016

fixed needed resources
removed some checks and old travian 3.6 functions for speed improvement
Version 2.10.6 - Dec 19, 2015

minor fix for CenterNumbers (wrong colors if building names contained special encoded characters)
Version 2.10.5 - Oct 26, 2015

removed select all button because it was added in the latest game update and it appeared as a duplicate
Version 2.10.4 - Sept 27, 2015

fixed style for view message/report popup
Version 2.10.3 - Sept 26, 2015

don't show analyzer links on alliance tabs
Version 2.10.2 - Jul 31, 2015

fixed weird and rare bug
(if village id equals wharehouse or granary capacity, it shows wrong resources)
Version 2.10.1 - Jul 23, 2015

fixed centerNumber for WW village
Version 2.9.9 - Feb 20, 2015

switch the archive and delete all buttons. fix some styles
Version 2.9.8 - Feb 10, 2015

rearranged the delete all reports button
Version 2.9.7 - Jan 26, 2015

small fixes
Version 2.9.6 - Jan 6, 2015

fix for android Habit browser (because of meta key)
Version 2.9.5 - Dec 28, 2014

automatic detection of server speed for T4.4
Version 2.9.4 - Dec 23, 2014

quick fix for arabia servers (wrong resources calculated)
Version 2.9.3 - Dec 22, 2014

urgent fix for comx server (wrong resources calculated)
Version 2.9.2 - Dec 22, 2014

fixed Farm List check for animals on oases function
detect ancient europe server if player goes to statistics - victory points
minor fixes
Version 2.9.1 - Dec 13, 2014

fixed view messages button (for new T4.4 update codename T-Raeckz)
changed "new Date().getTime()" to "Date.now()" for improved speed
removed unused variable RunTime[2]
fixed bug on marketplace if you have trade routes set
fixed bug on marketplace offers tab

Modified to support t4.4 ancient cities servers

version : 2.9.0
2014-09-19 - support version 4.4 (ancient cities only)
2014-09-19 - fixed : tournament square is doubled
2014-09-19 - fixed : the floating circles over the resource and building tiles are overlapping the official game circles.

Version 2.8.26 - Dec 8, 2014

improved refreshing time when resources are coming in marketplace, for T4.4
Version 2.8.25 - Dec 2, 2014

detect player tribe, only for T4.4 (player tribe will be detected automatically for
new accounts. for existing accounts, there is a new option in settings: your tribe - detect)
Version 2.8.24 - Nov 29, 2014

fixed merchants not updating in marketplace
fixed resource bar not updating in marketplace
minor fixes
Version 2.8.23 - Nov 9, 2014

fixed blinking everywhere in the script (text-decoration:blink is deprecated)
added support for touch screens (thanks to Serj_LV)
Version 2.8.22 - Nov 8, 2014

fixed blinking number for buildings that are upgraded
don't show analyzer link if player has no alliance
updated some English texts in options window
updated Romanian translation
Version 2.8.21 - Nov 3, 2014

Re-included center numbers
Fixed notification for flash method
update Bulgarian translation
added Ukrainian translation
Minor fixes
Version 2.8.20 - Oct 29, 2014

Improved neighbors search to show elephants and crocodiles
Version 2.8.19 - Oct 26, 2014

Fixed the demolish building counter getting stuck at 0:00
Improved English translation in options window
Version 2.8.18 - Oct 25, 2014

Removed add to "Farm list" link because it was already implemented in T4.4
Removed old unavailable analyzer website link (travian-live)
Minor changes
Version 2.8.17 - Oct 22, 2014

Small fix
Version 2.8.16 - Oct 22, 2014

Updated the link to script homepage (userscripts.org no longer works)
Small fixes
Version 2.8.15 - Oct 21, 2014

Added support for Travian Ancient Europe (Tournament Square - double speed bonus). Go to settings and check the new option "Ancient Europe server"
Disabled the center numbers for T4.4 servers
Fixed move buildings
Fixed broken sound notification link
Version 2.8.14 - Jul 16, 2013

feel free to ask about any new features u want to be in this script

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