grenzionky / KanjiDamage mnemonics for WaniKani


Version: 1.3+a2b4e9c updated

Summary: Displays additional mnemonics for the given kanji.


License: MIT

This script adds a section to that shows mnemonics from for the given kanji.
The reason why someone would want this is as follows. The mnemonics that WaniKani provides are usually not that good, and having a good mnemonic can really make-or-break one's understanding of a given kanji.
KanjiDamge, on the other, has really good mnemonics, so I thought that seeing these mnemonics in WaniKani will greatly enhance one's understanding of the given kanji, therefore speed up the learning time of all the kanji!

This script will add mnemonics to:


  • Possible future updates:

  • Show KanjiDamage radical that differs from Wanikani's within the mnemonic that uses that radical
  • Automatically add KanjiDamage kanji definitions into Wanikani to make their mnemonics even easier to remember
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